Explore the future of science fiction with the terminator!

The film tells the story of a robot T-800 who travels back from the future to the 1990s to protect John Canon, a handsome young man who will grow up to be a leader, and his mother Sarah. And the t-1000, which is more advanced than he is, comes after him without a clue. This time, the person of robot advocate brain sends out the most advanced T-1000 model terminator, return John Conner (Edward Flon is acted the role of) childhood period, prepare to kill John, make future human world is leaderless. John · Conner is informed of news, send another terminator immediately (Arnold · Schwarzenegger is acted the role of) ride in time travel back machine, rush back to contemporary, defend the oneself of childhood period. In modern times, John lives with his adoptive parents. Her biological mother, Sarah, was admitted to a hospital as a mental patient because of her bizarre behavior and attacks on a computer company that had caused a plague of robots. The T-1000 kills John’s adoptive parents, and then becomes the adoptive parents to lure John to death. Fortunately, the Terminator arrives and saves John. The T-1000’s other target is Sarah, only to be destroyed by the Terminator and John. Sara and John are determined to destroy cybertron, the maker of the machines and the T-1000. After a vicious fight, the computer company is blown into flames. However, the T-1000 is still in hot pursuit, forcing Sara and others into the steel plant and severely wounding the Terminator.

The good news is that the show’s writers found a clever way to restate the plot (Sarah dies of leukemia in the movie) before the terminator 3 movie, and whatever the outcome, it doesn’t create any conflict in the Terminator movies. From the first episode, the story’s continuity is good, and while some relatively bland descriptions are cut into the theme, the overall feeling is strong, with some unexpected freshness. It is foreseeable that the future plot of the play will be in a continuous and intense form. With its diabolical image, stunning originality, tight plot, deadly asphyxiation, fear of technological development, and unique style, the Terminator was destined to become one of the most memorable films of the era.

The terminator’s devilish image, breathtaking creativity, tight plot, deadly asphyxiation, fear of technological development, and unique style make this film leave a deep impression on people.

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