Persona cosplay costumes Reviews

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1. Persona 5 Kaitou Cosplay Costume Protagonist Akira Kurusu Full Set

Akira Kurusu, Persona 5 Kaitou Cosplay Costume Protagonist. His appearance looks very well-behaved and there will be a huge change after becoming a Phantom thief. 

I am so happy with this cosplay! I was hesitant because there were no reviews of this product but decided to take a chance because of reviews of the company itself. I am beyond impressed with the cosplay and the sizing information is pretty accurate. The clothing of this character is of high quality and reasonable price. The main color of this suit is black, with a black jacket and a gray T-shirt, all of which reflect the handsome and calm role-playing. I really like the coat and eye mask of the Akira Kurusu cosplay costume. These are the essentials for playing Protagonist Akira Kurusu. If this is not the case, the role of this role is incomplete. Although eye masks are common, it is important to play a role. The protagonist is leading his team and I hope that one day I will become a hero like him. I will definitely order from this company in the future.

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