The original Captain Marvel:Mar-Vell

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Captain Marvel is a superhero of the American Marvel Comics. Captain Marvel debuted in Marvel super-heroes issue 12 (December 1967). Created by Stan Lee and Gene Colan, Mar-Vell is a member of Kree.He was sent to Earth to inspect the progress of human space travel research. Later, he blatantly resisted his sergeant, helped the Earth people solve their difficulties, and guarded his new home, the Earth, as the Captain Marvel.
Mar-Vell, the eunuch of the Kree fleet, belongs to the lighter skin family of the kree, similar to the Earth.Because of his outstanding performance in the battle with the Skrull people, he was appreciative of Supreme Intelligence, sending him to the earth as an undercover, destroying human aerospace engineering.However, Mar-Vell paid tribute to the people of the earth, helped them solve the difficulties, and won the title of hero of Captain Marvel.
Air force officer Carol Danvers became a friend and admirer of Mar-Vell.The boss of Mai-Weir kidnapped Carol and used her to do human experiments, but her body was strengthened to become a superhero Ms. Marvel;
Supreme Intelligence believes that human beings have great potential spiritual power.To capture that power, he arranged for Mar-Vell to form a spiritual bond with hulk’s teenage friend Rick Jones.This connection allows rick to switch places with Mar-Vell and return to earth temporarily when he is trapped in Negative Zone.In the war between Kerry and Skrull, the supreme wisdom used Rick’s mental power to work for himself, and almost killed him.Mar-Vell saves rick with his own strength.He had a relationship with the princess of the Skrull planet, leaving a son, and later became the little green giant of the young Avengers.
Thanos, from Titan, sets himself up as god in cosmic cube, and Mai-Well and the Avengers defeated him.In the combat career, Mar-Vell met the ancient cosmic spirit Eon, who was endowed with “universal consciousness” and became the guardian of peace.
At the behest of evil scientist, Nitro prepare to snatch a batch of poison gas from the military base, which is stopped by Mar-Vell.However, Mar-Vell inadvertently inhaled the poison gas and gradually developed an incurable cancer.He spent the last time in the Titans.
He has a relationship with Elysius, a local female artificial intelligence organism.The Avengers awarded Mar-Well honorary membership, and the Skrull generals also honored their most respectable enemies.Mar-Vell died surrounded by friends and was buried by them.Only Carol Danvers was in the distance of the universe, and later returned to Earth to learn the news.
Elysius made a pair of children with the genes of Mar-Well, they are Genis-Vell and Phyla-Vell.
Mar-Well didn’t have super power at first, and later he wore a special bracelet, Nega-Bands, which made his spiritual power infinitely magnified.It can absorb solar energy and transform it into other super powers, such as super physical strength, flight ability (for super-light speed flight), emission photon impact, and free space activities.
Captain Marvel also has super intelligence.The bracelet he wore also gave him limited predictive ability to find out the weakness of his opponent.Captain marvel also has the ability to teleport and create illusions.

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