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When I was young, I got my first wristwatch given to me by my parents, which was a Shanghai brand wristwatch from Shanghai Watch Factory.That year I was 16 years old, it accompanied me through the life of the best youth, with the growth of age, also more and more like the watch.
In the 1980s, electronic quartz watches came in, so I jumped on the bandwagon and bought my second watch.
Shanghai fifth watch factory gold finch brand digital display quartz watch, can only display hours, minutes, can not display seconds at the same time, with a few years feel that the grade of electronic watch was too low.So began to change the watch, the result and bought the Gold finch brand quartz pointer pocket watch, although it is a pointer, the timing is quite accurate, but always replace the battery, we can not buy a good button battery here, so I do not take ,this pocket watch I still retain till now.
For a long time,I began to miss the mechanical watch, then in 1994,I bought the fourth watch of my life, Seiko 5 generation of mechanical automatic watch, at that time I was more excited.I have been wearing this watch for 18 years, no winding, glass mirror, calendar, weekly calendar, or gold ring, gold band, unfortunately, are not real gold material.
In 2011, I saw my friend buy a Swiss Tissot mechanical automatic watch, which aroused my original desire to buy Swiss watches. Then I saw Tissot, Mido, Omega, Tudor, IWC and Jaeger on the Forum of Love Watch. Finally, Rolex was deeply attracted.
I couldn’t resist Rolex’s reputation for its intrinsic quality, workmanship and home-made movement.At home from the full range of online understanding of the style and price of the Rolex watches, in a number of watch shops finally found my favorite Rolex Submariner watch, also known as the Rolex black water ghost watch friends.So I swiped my credit card to buy the fifth watch of my life, The Rolex Submariner, and finally got what I wanted.

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